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Synonyms for compass

Synonyms for compass

a line around a closed figure or area

the ability or power to seize or attain

an area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power

to encircle with or as if with a band

to perceive directly with the intellect

Synonyms for compass

navigational instrument for finding directions

an area in which something acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic jet"

the limit of capability

drafting instrument used for drawing circles

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travel around, either by plane or ship

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"The first time I used the compass rose, it transformed the lesson."
6, 7, 8) are suggestive, our hatching study failed to detect reasons for the preponderance of egg cases being deposited in the southern half of the compass rose.
Compass Rose Bar & Grill, Wayne Knowles and Linda Knowles filed an application to assume the liquor licenses for Pier Restaurant for the new business, Compass Rose.
Since the ship's main dining room, The Compass Rose, has only a limited number of tables for two, and demand for places in its other speciality restaurants Prime Seven and Signatures is so high, Setti Mari offers a welcome extra option for travellers who don't like sharing a table at peak times.
For example, Avidyne's Entegra EHSI shows a dashed gray line from the aircraft's present position symbol to a triangle along the outer edge of the compass rose. When properly used, these take the guesswork out of wind correction.
The students stood in a circle to make a giant compass rose. The student with the N (north) card revealed that card.
The students also had to include two community buildings, a title, and a compass rose.
Wind roses are circular, graphical displays of wind speed, direction, and frequency based on a simple compass rose. Wind direction is shown by the length of a line representing a number of wind collection events.
That night the Spirit bade farewell to Turkey and in the main Compass Rose restaurant I discovered a soup I would like to bulk order for home delivery.
borrows largely from a comprehensive curriculum called the Compass Rose, with a goal of sharing the experience of full-contact backpacking, which means walking into the mountains for a few days, living off the contents of your pack and then walking out with a sense of pride and fulfillment.
With Himes as a compass rose, Higginson goes on to provide a loose map of African Francophone noir, dedicating his first chapter to the Senegalese author Abasse Nidone's La Vie en Spirale (1984), the first African noir novel (eventually published in the Serie Noire in 1998).
The tracks are "Tambourine Submarine", "Fish Sticks", "The Deep End", "Beach Ball", "Shrimp", "Compass Rose", "Choral Reef", "Tattoo Me", "The Seven Cs", "Seagull", "Up Periscope", "Walkie Talkies", "Seahorse", "Making Waves", and "Stranded".
These include a compass rose, waypoint name, position, bearing, course and speed over ground, and distance.
If you need to set up or repaint your airfield's Compass Rose, then you also need to check out the compass calibration information found in Chapter 4 of TM 11-4920-292-15, Magnetic Compass Calibrator Set, AN/ASM-339(V)1.