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Long-term results of surgical decompression of chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the forearm in motocross racers.
Forearm compartment syndrome is a rare but serious complication of hemodialysis even when promptly recognized and treated.
A minimally invasive management for abdominal compartment syndrome in severe acute pancreatitis.
Results from the International Conference of Experts on Intra-abdominal Hypertension and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the right lower leg revealed marked atrophy of the proximal calf muscles on the right side compared with the left leg, suggesting previous compartment syndrome.
Acute lower extremity compartment syndrome (ALECS) screening protocol in critically ill trauma patients.
Compartment Syndrome is the compression of nerves, blood vessels, and muscles inside a closed space and usually affects the lower leg or forearm.
The first case involves a 20 year female who presented with retroperitoneal bleeding 3 months postpartum, and the second case is of a 61 year old female who presented with forearm bleeding and compartment syndrome.
Evidence shows that it is possible to assess symptoms with adequate pain management, with the possible exceptions being compartment syndrome and intracranial injuries, he said at the meeting, which was sponsored by the Society of Hospital Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Academic Pediatric Association.
Complications developed, including compartment syndrome, an infection and eventual necrosis of the lower leg.
Prolonged compression of the vessels of a limb may impede circulation to the appendage and cause a compartment syndrome resulting in muscle necrosis and loss of function.
He got compartment syndrome which is excess fluid on the injury and he''s had to have his leg in a cage.
Objective: We aimed to compare the postoperative complications in patient with acute lower extremity arterial occlusion who admitted in the late period in whom accompanying embolectomy and fasciotomy in the same session and fasciotomy following embolectomy were applied, because of development of compartment syndrome.
The patient was diagnosed with having a compartment syndrome buildup of blood in a closed space, in her arm.
Blake had earlier had surgery to correct compartment syndrome, a painful condition caused when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels and prevents nourishment from reaching nerve and muscle cells.