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a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership

a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

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At that point, 12 non-Communist ministers resigned, which played into the hands of the Communists.
Various Communist leaders have held office in the revolving-door coalitions a none lasting much more than a year a that have governed Nepal since it began its democratic transition a dozen years ago, but you couldn't truthfully have said that "the Communists are in power.
Itong komunista, wala talaga kaming ginawang maganda (These communists, we haven't done anything good for them),' he said.
In its latest attempt to separate itself from Russia, and from its own past, Ukraine has taken steps to outrightAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA ban the Communist Pa according to multiple reports.
179) After Germany attacked the Soviet Union and the communists supported the war effort, Whyte joined the army and had a successful military career.
The main factions at the heart of this partisan divide were the communists, who associated themselves with the daily newspaper Di Frayhayt (Freedom), (2) edited by Moyshe Olgin (1878-1939), and the largely socialist, anti-communist camp, which aligned itself with the Forverts (The Jewish Daily Forward), edited by Abe Cahan (1860-1951), as well as with Der Tog (The Day), edited by S.
When Castro jailed one of his most popular commanders, Huber Matos, in 1959 for having the temerity to suggest there were too many communists in the government, Matthews simply shrugged: "A revolution is not a tea party.
Militarily, the attack was a terrible defeat for the Communists, but grisly TV images--and just the idea that the enemy could mount such massive attacks after years of war--shook America's confidence.
The film also depicts the CIA as an all-consuming organization that requires a degree of dedication and surrender of self on a par with membership in the Mafia or the Communist Party.
A quarter century ago, most Chinese would have spent their lives growing corn, rice, or wheat under a Communist government that made it difficult for farmers to move to cities or change jobs.
While these accusations are not without some substance, recent critics such as Winston James and Mark Solomon provide a more balanced viewpoint, arguing that American communists did not just follow in lock step with Soviet Russia nor were blacks mere pawns of the party.
As the Iron Curtain came down in 1946, the estrangement between American liberals and communists began.
This is why those in the thrall of a communist ideology have at times practiced gross incompetence and outrageous atrocity--leading Humanists to regard communists as quasi-religious in their commitment.
Most important, Elbaum fails to situate his New Communists in their historical relation to the black nationalist movement and to the white women's movement.
As a star of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Kerry preached that the Vietnamese communists were not repressive totalitarians like the Soviets or Chinese.
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