Communist China

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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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Taiwan should empathize with people from all these places; it should support their struggle against Communist occupation, and; it should do all it can to help give these people a platform to the wider world in the hope that one day Communist China will be widely seen for the brutal authoritarian state it really is.
(United States), Mar.2 ( ANI ): A recent report taken out by a Washington D.C.-based think tank has predicted that Communist China is seeking to expand its military and political influence across Latin America.
Dalton began a relationship with a German International Brigadier and became involved passionately in the anti-fascist cause that took her from Spain to communist China. The material includes unpublished letters and papers from 1930s Spain and 1950s China, photographs and testimony from recorded interviews.
In Communist China, 30 years' imprisonment awaits Christians attending non-approved churches.
Racial and political tensions mount as refugees pour in from Communist China. So when married Yankee journalist Mark Elliot (William Holden) falls in love with widowed Eurasian doctor Han Suyin (Jennifer Jones), they come under intense pressure to end their affair.
With the capitalist world suffering its worst battering since the Great Depression, the words of communist China's Premier Wen Jiabao and former communist Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will dominate the start of the elite five-day meeting on Wednesday.
Communist China's ravenous energy appetite has fueled its growing political and economic ties with Iran's revolutionary government.
Taiwan, which away from Communist China broke in 1949, considers itself a independent nation, but the government in Beijing still considers it part of China.
Bush promised to avoid, while ignoring rising threats such as communist China and the oil-rich "new Castro," Hugo Chavez.
For over a half a century China's leaders repressed religion in Communist China, yet local religions continued to blossom and CHINESE RELIGIONS IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETIES charts this history by exploring not only religious practices, but how they evolved and translated to Western practices.
1950: Communist China was denied entry into the United Nations.
Cuba's politics are not vastly different from those of our" "friends" (communist China and the Saudi undemocracy), so why do we punish Cuba with an embargo?
He wrote Religious Policy and Practice in Communist China (Macmillan, 1972) and Religion in China Today: Policy and Practice (Orbis Books, 1989).