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Drastic steps have been taken by the Church to maintain the sanctity of the Communion wafer or bread consumed during Holy Communion.
Vice News reported that the original ceremony called for a deacon of the Satanic church to destroy consecrated communion wafers, which Catholics say are the literal body of Christ.
Kuma's Luke Tobias turned the controversy in a decidedly theological direction by pointing out that "the communion wafer is unconsecrated, so until that happens, it's really just a cracker.
In his discussion of Dracula, the pagan and the Christian along with the ancient and the modern are skilfully harnessed together: 'The gifts of Ceres appear in their highest cultural form in the communion wafer, though Stoker characteristically glances at the capacity of modern technology to redefine ancient symbols: triumphant after tracking down Dracula's London address, Jonathan stops for "a cup of tea at the Aerated Bread Company"' (206).
These 'skeletons' are the usually discarded sheets of unleavened bread from which communion wafers are punched out.
Takes the biscuit A BIZARRE book about a Communion wafer that turned into a human heart has become a bestseller in Poland.
While I can understand a bishop needs a lot of space (don't forget, they can only move diagonally) the pounds 2000-a-month luxury villa in Bothwell really takes the communion wafer.
Peace': Late February, late morning/sunlight pours over the bed//benedictions, clover honey/on a communion wafer.
Beware Jason's comments about certain aspects of Catholicism; for instance, his remark that if you buy the belief in transubstantiation, then the communion wafer is "a sliver of Jesus meat.
The Lebkuchen is a centuries-old Nurnberg specialty, made from honey, such spices as cinnamon and clove, bits of orange, eggs, rum and other ingredients, all set on a communion wafer to keep it from sticking to the oven.
The mother believes a rice communion wafer would suffice.
Two days before the bishops issued their statement, adopted by a vote of 183-6, the league published a full-page ad in USA Today featuring a photo of a priest holding a communion wafer and a chalice and the admonition: "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion
Whether it is the untimely interruption by a friend in need, the innocence of a child's wonder, the loving gift of a yellow china cup, the snap of a Communion wafer in the still air or saying farewell to a friend and mentor, Audrey's clean, clear reflections on the events of her day inspire us to reflect on how God is present with us all, in all the things that fill our moments.
Thanks to Aldrin, the first food consumed on the moon was a communion wafer.
According to reports in the Toronto Star (July 22, 26), the deputy people's warden was sitting near the front of the church when the priest instinctively leaned forward and placed a communion wafer on the dog's tongue.