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Synonyms for Communion

Synonyms for Communion

the exchange of ideas by writing, speech, or signals

those who accept and practice a particular religious belief

Synonyms for Communion

sharing thoughts and feelings

(Christianity) a group of Christians with a common religious faith who practice the same rites

References in classic literature ?
Welcome again, my children, to the communion of your race."
How do we receive Our Lord in communion? We must receive communion with true devotion.
There are variety of family, all age services, communion and events marking Maundy Thursday and Acts of Witness across High Streets and towns on Good Friday.
SOME more pictures marking a very special day in the life of any child born into a Roman Catholic household - their first Holy Communion. Girls and boys don their finest clothes and their families watch on proudly during what is a major milestone in their path towards adulthood.
You spoke of the "hostile inflexibility" in certain parishes shown toward those who prefer to kneel to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, and are therefore refused.
In 1963, Toronto was the host city for an international congress to discuss the future of Anglicanism and the global Anglican Communion. The 10-day event was attended by about 2,000 people from around the world, including delegates, their spouses, organizers, observers and about 250 journalists.
MANILA -- Canon law expert Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz on Wednesday said the Vatican rule, prohibiting communion for those who remarried after divorce or annulment, applies to Filipino Catholics.
From Altar-Throne to Table: The Campaign for Frequent Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.
Kennedy (D-R.I.) says he has been banned from taking communion at Roman Catholic services by Providence Bishop Thomas J.
While they differ in their history and theology, they converge today in their ecumenical approach: they are on the way from consensus to communion. The ecumenical dialogues led by theologians were received by those churches.
Paul and Minneapolis archdiocese and Rockville Centre, N.Y., diocese are ending longstanding practices--lay preaching and lay-led Communion services.
In the Communion procession, the grown daughter walks behind her mother, arms wrapped around her waist, whispering in her ear occasionally.
conservatives, in particular, have made great hay over the international reaction among the broader Anglican Communion to the lopsided approval of Robinson's ordination by Episcopal bishops, treating it as another example of the self-destruction of mainstream Protestants in the thrall of secular liberalism or radicalism.
Daley argues that the papal office must serve the communion of the whole church, meaning that the church both accept and find ways to support and enhance diverse traditions and expressions of Christian diversity "as something willed by God and compatible with communion" (p.
Seating was re-arranged to focus on the communion table (altar) and the cross.