Commonwealth of Independent States

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Moody's cited their exposure to Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States region as well as their limited capital buffers as factors behind its ratings action.
The projects are part of an overall commitment to Aid for Trade by the European Union worth more than 7 billion every year.aFunds have supported projects in Asia (21%), Africa (18%), Latin America and the Caribbean (18%), Middle East (4%), Oceania (2%) as well as non-EU Europe (including the Balkans and Commonwealth of Independent States: 37%).
Kazakhstan, which will be the first member country among the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), has adopted the document called "State Program: Path to Europe 2009-2001".
corn), Leverkusen, Germany, officially launched an independent sales company in Moscow to manage the company's business in Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
dollars, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) at 62.1 percent in U.S.
The collaboration with covers all areas except China, Japan, Poland, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and adds to the search options available in version 9.51 of the Opera desktop browser.
The company's portfolio includes low temperature, high performance products specifically designed for use in Northern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The acquisition also includes two plants-one in Hanko, and another under construction in Ramenskoye, Russia.
Tarasko is a former baseball supremo for the Commonwealth of Independent States, and was the first manager of Ukraine's national senior team, today ranked 10th in Europe.
1991: Leaders of three republics - Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine - formed a commonwealth of independent states'' and pronounced the Soviet Union dead.
The youngsters will call on leaders to tackle the problems of energy shortages, global education and the spread of infectious diseases and to give support to the Commonwealth of Independent States in Eastern Europe and Asia.
Under the agreement terms, Astellas Pharma will be licensed to develop and market the agents in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Middle East and South Africa.
According to Reuters, Boeing aircraft make up 81% of the foreign aircraft fleet of the post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States. This figure includes 76% of Russia's current 97 foreign-made jets.
Dana describes the events in the Republic of Albania and what happened to the perseritje model, the competition among the former Yugoslavian republics, the varied situations in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Among the Commonwealth of Independent States, commonly referred to as the CIS countries, that is now independent countries formerly part of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan is a rising star.
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