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For example, the visa applicant information book, Life in Australia (Commonwealth of Australia, 2007), and the document assisting applicants with the citizenship test, Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond (Commonwealth of Australia, 2014), place considerable emphasis on sport, which figures strongly as a national identity marker in the latter as part of the case for Australian federation:
Conservative mistrust was based on the concern expressed by political leaders that the Invalid Pension could perpetuate recipient malingering and idleness (see parliamentary debates in Commonwealth of Australia 1908a; 1908b).
Commonwealth of Australia (2014), Budget Measures: Budget Paper No.
In terms of units, lower case letters are used, with an exception of units which originate from peoples' names such as Watt, W; Joule, J; and others such as mega, M (to prevent confusion with the lower case m in milli); and litre, L (to prevent confusion with the numeral 1) (Commonwealth of Australia, 2002).
The NQF, however, stipulates that by 2014, services licensed for 25 or more children are required to have only one early childhood teacher in attendance some but not all of the time the centre is in operation (Commonwealth of Australia, 2010b).
Australia's Future Tax System (AFTS) (2010b) Report to the Treasurer, December 2009: Part Two--Detailed Analysis, Part 1 of 2 (released 2 May), Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra.
(1) This case note provides an analysis of a motion filed by the Commonwealth of Australia seeking to have Mr Habib's proceedings dismissed on the ground that the determination of Mr Habib's claim would require an assessment of the acts of a foreign State, which acts are not justiciable before Australian courts.
Summary: Vigilare, the Boeing [NYSE: BA] Network Centric Command and Control System (NC3S) developed for the Commonwealth of Australia, has entered service with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) after excelling in a major multinational air combat exercise.
The Commonwealth of Australia has signed a 15-year lease extension on the 33rd and 34th floors of Japan-based Hiro Real Estate's 150 East 42nd Street, the former Mobil tower.
The issue will be guaranteed by the Commonwealth of Australia under the Deed of Guarantee, dated November 20, 2008.
The proceedings were instituted in December 2002 in response to a properly executed application for prompt release by the Russian Federation requesting that the Commonwealth of Australia release the fishing vessel The Volga and her crew.
On 21-23 April 1937, there was a conference held of 'Chief Protectors and Boards controlling aborigines in the States and the Northern Territory' (Commonwealth of Australia 1937).
Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Quentin Bryce will grace this year's independence celebrations.
(New York, NY) announced that notification was received that its patent application entitled, "Low Oxygen Organic Waste Bioconversion System" has been granted by the Commonwealth of Australia Patent Office and given a Standard Patent number of 2002227224.
(1) 'Garnaut Climate Change Review: Draft Report,' June 2008, Commonwealth of Australia.
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