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One common pathway into sex work is the desire to escape from marital life, which represents freedom from violence, humiliation, and dominance from the husband," says Population Council demographer and biostatistician Niranjan Saggurti, lead researcher on the study.
We can now try to achieve a common pathway where veterans are seen by the right people and the right place at the right time.
Amyloidosis is thus a generic term describing a final common pathway for protein deposits in tissues.
According to research by Cancer Research UK and King's College London - which could lead to more effective cancer treatments - the body's surveillance system for damage caused by cancer and its response to allergic reactions share a common pathway.
University courses are now the most common pathway into engineering design.
He discusses how experimental leukemia research started and developed, the progress of cancer concepts, early research, research on avian leukosis and sarcoma virus, mouse and rat viruses, studies on stem cells and cytokines, viral and chemical carcinogenesis, cell cycle control and centrosome, important oncogenes and suppressor genes and the related cell biology, skin carcinogenesis, DNA viruses, and the common pathway for retroviruses and chemicals.
Detailing the theory that establishes cellular water loss as the common pathway to disease and aging, Murad gives readers a complete action plan that will improve their overall health and reverse the aging process.
This is called apoptosis and it's the most common pathway by which faulty cells, like cancer cells, die.
AMD has been thought to share a common pathway with Alzheimer's disease.
Tirofiban is a non-peptide inhibitor of the platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor, the final common pathway for platelet aggregation.
Prolongation of both aPTT and PT suggests a deficiency or inhibition of the common pathway coagulation factors (factor X, V, and II), or a qualitative or quantitative fibrinogen defect.
Perhaps the similarity in appearance is more than casual if we consider such a lesion final common pathway of more than one cause for vascular thrombosis.
Scientists believe these plant-derived components are intimately involved in fighting cellular damage, a common pathway for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases.
Our 3 case reports provide further evidence to support the idea that endolymphatic hydrops represents the final common pathway in the production of Meniere's symptomatology.
The incidence of congestive heart failure-the final common pathway of myocardial dysfunction in most forms of cardiac disease-has increased 5-fold in the last 3 decades and is currently growing at a rate of 550,000 new cases annually.