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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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A mature academic literature exists analyzing the challenges faced in the past when applying common carriage to industries such as railroads, trucking, airlines, natural gas and oil pipelines, electric power distribution, and traditional telephone service.
section 706 cannot be used to impose common carriage.
But a second major approach has been that of assuring access in a non-discriminatory way, along the tradition of common carriage.
FCC (Turner I), (187) four Justices recognized that a common carriage obligation placed on some of a cable system's channels would raise a Takings Clause question even though the question was not squarely presented before that Court.
In 1982, Congress revised the Communications Act(78) to require the FCC to deem as common carriage the services of all enterprises providing commercial mobile radio services, irrespective of prior FCC determinations that classified some of these services as private carriage.
As telephone technology emerged in the late nineteenth century, the common carriage principle guided the construction of a national network.
Under a motor common carriage arrangement the Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading commences the entire bailment process which binds the shipper, carrier, and ultimate consignee to the applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual, and common law scheme.
Aircraft services include: managing and operating corporate and privately owned aircraft; airframe engine, avionics and accessory support maintenance; common carriage charter; FBO and line services; fuel distribution of Chevron and AirBP products.
Many network neutrality proponents regard the Verizon court's prohibition on using section 706 to impose common carriage obligations as an insuperable barrier to the type of nondiscrimination mandate that they regard as the most critical.
50 was believed to be a big stretch but nevertheless achievable and would inspire our senior management, executive management and Board Members around a common Carriage Vision of Being The Best at operating and consolidating high quality funeral homes and cemeteries in select strategic markets.
But attempts by Aqua Resources to secure common carriage for its water have come up against strong resistance by Severn Trent which claims the company does not hold a licence.
an established industry leader in dedicated and common carriage for liquid bulk commodities, has been honored by the Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) for outstanding achievement in highway safety.
Specifically, Ives has experience working with transportation service providers including dedicated contract carriage trucking, less than truckload and truckload common carriage trucking, industrial distribution, railroads, marine transportation, offshore energy logistics and distribution, supply chain management, and third party logistics.
A definitive code for water companies to allow competitors to use their pipes for common carriage will be announced today by Severn Trent Water.