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a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages

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146) In other places, the FCC has no problem using the statutory classifications to categorize broadband Internet access solely as common carriage.
The case for imposing common carriage regulation based on market power is even harder to make with respect to Internet protocol (IP)-based services other than broadband Internet access.
Non-discrimination and absence of monopoly pricing are central elements in common carriage regulation.
Proponents may argue that the proposed net neutrality rules are simply a particular species of common carriage or public accommodations laws, which generally withstand Fifth Amendment scrutiny.
Until very recently, the telephone companies were required to provide telecommunications services on a common carriage basis.
At the physical layer, the original Internet was layered on top of a telephone system that was regulated to be free in that sense: under common carriage regulation the phone system was regulated to make resources -- the telephone lines -- available to others on an equal and neutral basis.
Competition in telecommunications, gas, and electricity has relied to a large extent on the shared use of naturally monopolistic networks, and such competition in supply via common carriage is an obvious possibility in the water industry.
As telephone technology emerged in the late nineteenth century, the common carriage principle guided the construction of a national network.
Under a motor common carriage arrangement the Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading commences the entire bailment process which binds the shipper, carrier, and ultimate consignee to the applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual, and common law scheme.
telephone companies offering video common carriage in their service areas should be removed, allowing them to provide video transport (not programming services) directly to subscribers.
Aircraft services include: managing and operating corporate and privately owned aircraft; airframe engine, avionics and accessory support maintenance; common carriage charter; FBO and line services; fuel distribution of Chevron and AirBP products.
In this market, the business side of common carriage needs to be in the conversation with multiple departments at the shipper's organization as well as the consignee's.
But attempts by Aqua Resources to secure common carriage for its water have come up against strong resistance by Severn Trent which claims the company does not hold a licence.
an established industry leader in dedicated and common carriage for liquid bulk commodities, has been honored by the Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) for outstanding achievement in highway safety.