Carduelis flammea

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small siskin-like finch with a red crown and a rosy breast and rump

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These conclusions apply mainly to flammea, the form for which we surveyed the most samples, but we suggest it is also true for the other forms, because (1) they are apparently also nomadic (Watson 1957; Jehl and Smith 1970; Lobkov 1979; Nystrom and Nystrom 1987; Gould 1988); (2) they show high levels of variability within samples (table 3); and (3) they all share the common redpoll mtDNA haplotype (table 2).
White-winged crossbills were spotted in Tennessee, common redpolls visited Virginia, evening grosbeaks paid a call in South Carolina and red-breasted nuthatches dropped in to Texas.
As far as we are aware, these are the first confirmed records of double brooding in Arctic populations of Northern Wheatears or in any other Arctic-breeding passerines, with the possible exception of rare and geographically marginal cases in the Common Redpoll.
Common Redpoll (Carduelis flammea): Small, streaked finch with a bright red cap and black chin.
5 years old) and old (10-35 years old) visible seismic lines within the sanctuary on the abundance of breeding passerines (savannah sparrow, Passerculus sandwichensis; Lapland longspur, Calcarius lapponicus; common redpoll, Carduelis flammea: American tree sparrow, Spizella arborea; and red-necked phalarope.
Irruption or eruption, the phenomenon typically involves one or more of North America's "big eight" boreal seed-eaters: the common redpoll, pine siskin, purple finch, evening grosbeak, pine grosbeak, red crossbill, white-winged crossbill and red-breasted nuthatch.
B + Common Redpoll - - - Hoary Redpoll - B - [Part 2 of 7] TABLE 1.
Al Stokie reported 72 common redpolls at CBG on Dec.
A preferred food of American goldfinches, lesser goldfinches, house finches and common redpolls, nyjer is sometimes called "black gold" because, at about $1.
I have seen only one hoary redpoll, again along the Lake Ontario shore, but it was because I looked over a flock of common redpolls carefully and spotted one so white, with a clear rump, that I figured it had to be a hoary.
Ornithologists generally describe hoary redpolls as pale birds, with white, unstreaked rump and undertail feathers; common redpolls are darker, with heavier streaking.
There were also seven northern shrikes, 470 common redpolls and 304 pine grosbeaks.
Hardest hit were pine siskins, American goldfinches and common redpolls.
Past counts have helped demonstrate the biennial irruption pattern of common redpolls.
New York State often hosts unusual visitors from the far north, like common redpolls, pine siskins and evening gros-beaks.