Corvus corax

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large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail

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For our avian scavenger study, Coastal Raptors has spent more than 100 days afield, capturing 27 bald eagles, 30 turkey vultures, and 7 common ravens.
Cameras recorded kit fox (Vulpes macrotis), coyote, common raven, and greater roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) scavenging 10 of the carcasses (Fig.
These results coincide with those obtained in Spain at Hoya de Guadix [20] where the diets of the common raven, the carrion crow Corvus corone and magpie Pica pica include a large proportion of plant material, reaching 81% for the magpie, and included the same groups as in our case (Hordeum and Triticum species).
Increases in Common Raven numbers have been attributed to an increase in human occupation in the region (Boarman and Berry 1995).
The human-abetted ascent of common ravens is now the chief threat to young tortoises in some areas.
Because both birds are large, black, and similarly shaped, it can be hard to tell the common raven from the American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos).
We also describe the first isolation of WNV in Mexico, in a Common Raven (Corvus corax) from the state of Tabasco.
A recent lack of observations in late fall and during winter may explain the apparent absences of four species: rough-legged hawk, snowy owl, short-eared owl, and common raven.
Here, we present experimental evidence evaluating the effectiveness of raven carcasses or "effigies" in reducing Common Raven and American Crow presence and abundance at Clam Beach, a site where Snowy Plover egg and chick predation by corvids was especially high (Burrell and Colwell 2012; Hardy and Colwell 2012).
Swabs were taken from the oropharynx, cloaca, or both of 109 American Crows, 31 Blue Jays, 6 Common Ravens, and 4 Black-billed Magpies from Manitoba, and 255 American Crows and 28 Blue Jays from Ontario.
Prudhoe Bay, on Alaska's north slope, has just one species - the common raven, Brown said.
The common raven, Corvus corax, is the largest-bodied passerine and one of the most globally widespread bird species (Boatman and Heinrich 1999).
Birds in the Glendale Narrows include pied-billed grebe, mallard, cinnamon teal, American coot, killdeer, black phoebe, barn swallow, common raven, common yellowthroat, song sparrow, red-winged blackbird, brown-headed cowbird and northern red bishop.
Chris West of Yurok Tribe from Northern California - a region where the large birds have not existed in the wild for over 100 years now - and his colleagues assessed the feasibility of the return of condors to the region by looking at data for two other scavenging birds - turkey vultures and common ravens.
Bald eagles, however, scrap with each other, and share the bait with large numbers of common ravens.