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The traditional chiefs of both sides agreed to resume the common market at Amiet, as a temporary location, until 31 December.
EFTA's aims were a straightforward customs union and a common market, and it was designed from the outset to compete with the EEC, particularly in northern Europe and among the neutral countries.
Despite Crown Paints being the market leader in East Africa, the region's Common Market has ensured no paint manufacturer turns into a monopoly.
Europe has to change get rid of the plutocrats in Brussels and revert to the origins of The Common Market.
Al-Ebrahim told Bahrain News Agency (BNA) that the creation of the Gulf Energy Exchange Common Market is considered a strategic choice for the GCC countries, pointing out that the new challenge for the Authority was ushering into the phase of activation of energy trade and the creation of the common electric power market which will provide GCC-member countries with optimal choices of harnessing various energy sources.
Speaking on the sidelines of the seminar of Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit in Amman, Jordan, Nematzadeh said that the establishment of such common markets, despite the oppositions and difficulties, would boost trade among Islamic countries, Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.
European countries established the EU after the Second World War; on the onset, it was a difficult enterprise; it is however possible for Islamic countries, provided that they show strong resolution in working out the common market," he emphasized.
Summary: A trade agreement between Lebanon and Mercosur, also known as the common market of South America, is to be signed next month in Argentina, Ambassador Ricardo Larriera said Monday.
He noted that, in general, there will be several common markets: common economic market, common market of agricultural products, common labor market.
The recent decision has left the door wide open for completion of the remaining items of the GCC Common Market, which will constitute a qualitative leap towards economic union, which is equally sought after.
Akbar Torkan, the secretary of Iran's Free Trade Zones Coordination Council, urged Muslim states Saturday to help establish an Islamic common market.
The introductory meeting focused on several topics related to the structure of GCC joint economic action and the stages of economic integration, starting from the establishment of a free trade area in 1983, to the launch of the Gulf Common Market in 2008, in an aim to achieve monetary union and issue a single currency.
Unified drug registration, pricing, and procurement policies among the member states are steadily moulding the GCC region into a harmonised common market, as opposed to the individual markets of the past," said analyst Gilan Megeed.
1 (SUNA) - A Delegation of the National Elections Commission was briefed on the Zambian expirement on the updating of the voting register and exchanged views with their Zambian counterparts when they visited the headquarters of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
Despite the three years existence of the East African Community (EAC) common market, many smallholder farmers and ordinary citizens are not aware of its existence and so have been unable to exploit it.
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