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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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The Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure is the ECMA standard that describes the core of the .
Gates also announced the formal submission of C# (pronounced "C-sharp") and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) specifications to ECMA, a vendor-neutral international standards organization committed to driving industrywide adoption of information and communications technologies.
ProteoWizard boasts data library access and browsing and printing capabilities through a common language infrastructure for peptide- and protein-identification data, performance of in silico digests of a protein read, and data-access capabilities that can enable mass spectrometry--based problem solving beyond proteomics investigations.
They will also have access to the code from Microsoft's Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Implementation, a set of development tools, classes, and code samples for the .
Microsoft also claimed yesterday the C Sharp programming language and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) are available under Shared Source, but the specifications for these technologies are actually freely available separately, having been ratified as standards by the European Computer Manufacturers' Association (ECMA).
We describe and compare the major database-driven web-server programming techniques which are the basis of most commercial and organisational sites, including: Java Servlets, Java Platform Enterprise Edition, cgi-bin programming, C, C++, daemons, Perl, PHP, Python, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft IIS, Active Server Pages (ASP) and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI).