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any of several small yellowish or buff-colored moths whose larvae eat organic matter e

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Four moth species have an appetite for domestic destruction: | Damage to clothing is caused by the larvae of the common clothes moth and case bearing clothes moth.
The common clothes moth adapted so quickly to a diet of human fabrics, which are very recent in the evolutionary timescale, that it now faces extinction because of the move to synthetic fibres in clothes and carpets.
Larvae of the common clothes moth used to find an ideal habitat in homes where clothes were shut away in dark wardrobes and floors were covered with woollen rugs or carpets.
Moth expert Ron Elliott said, 'The common clothes moth was once very numerous but now we've got a lot of synthetic stuff it is almost extinct.
Common clothes moths and their larvae thrive in warm, enclosed environments such as wardrobes and feed on animal fibres such as wools and silk.