Commodore Perry

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United States commodore who led the fleet that defeated the British on Lake Erie during the War of 1812

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Commodore Perry Owens, that's his given name not a rank (his mother named him after a famous United States Navy hero), was born in Tennessee in 1852.
Commodore Perry was able to move a number of armed schoon-ers that had been blockaded in Black Rock at the southern end of the Niagara River into Lake Erie and then on to his base at Put-in-Bay in the Ohio Territory.
Pacifying mining camps in Colorado was Martin Duggan and in Denver it was Dave Cook; Arizona had Wyatt Earp, Commodore Perry Owens, and Bucky O'Neill; Montana and Wyoming were home to John "Liver-Eating" Johnson, South Dakota to Seth Bullock, and New Mexico to Pat Garrett.
Blumberg, Rhoda, Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun (HarperCollins, 2003).
naval forces in the Far East, laid wreaths at new monuments for Commodore Perry and Consul Harris.
The most imposing of these is Commodore Perry, depicted as a menacing giant with headlights for eyes.
In 1613, Captain Searles, a British sailor, transported one of Dennis' predecessors to England and, in 1853, Commodore Perry from the US presented two of his forefathers to Queen Victoria.
Commodore Perry absolutely prohibited officers and men from sending home journals, notes, drawings, curiosities or specimens from the voyage without permission or allowing their letters to be given to the newspapers.
1956: Unemployed sheet metal worker Louis Balint punched Elvis Presley at Toledo's Commodore Perry Hotel.
Forty musicians, 100 sailors, and 110 well-armed marines preceded Commodore Perry ashore.
He signalled his support for the expansion of the United States and in his term of office he tried to buy Cuba and sent Commodore Perry to open up Japan.
Yokohama, a poor fishing village when Commodore Perry landed there in 1853, has become the second largest city in Japan, rivalling Tokyo as a port, and it would like to be seen as something more than an industrial appendage of the capital.
When Commodore Perry arrived in Japan in 1853 and foreign trade was reopened, kimonos were replaced with Western-style clothing with pockets, and cigarettes became more popular than pipes.
After Commodore Perry forced Japan to open its doors to the West in the 1850s, Japan's leaders quickly realized the need to modernize, to strengthen Japan by imitating western economic and military policies to prevent colonization by western powers.
After Commodore Perry opened up Japan to Western trade around the 1850s, Europe was astonished by the total and elegant simplicity of Japanese design with its motifs taken from the natural world - birds, trees, rocks, flowers and insects.