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a man who is a member of committee

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In Belle, the Fourth Department upheld the Town of Onondaga Code of Ethics article ii, section 3(k) which prohibited officers and employees of a town from being political committeemen or committeewomen or the chair or vice-chair of a political party.
See Audry Wells and Eleanor Smeal, "Women's Attitudes toward Women in Politics: A Survey of Urban Registered Voters and Party Committeewomen," in Women in Politics, edited by J.
He's extroverted to the max; she's becoming one of most effective committeewomen around.
The state chairmen, national committeewomen, and national committeemen are the party leaders who are closest to the voters - they know what the voters want - they talk to them everyday.
At the guild's July meeting, fundraising committeewomen Gina Brooks and Sue Arena presented Susan Patterson, manager of awareness for Ovations for a Cure, with a check for $1,896.