Committee for State Security

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formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia

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Anyone who served in Moscow in the old days will be familiar with the work of the Committee for State Security, commonly known as the KGB, one of whose tasks it was to keep track of foreign diplomats and what they were doing in the Soviet Union.
He said the Komitet (KGB) or Committee for State Security was a very strong intelligence agency and had foiled many plots against the Soviet Union.
Last year, the Belarusian government incorporated drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation into its overall national 2006-2010 Anti-Crime Program, under which the Committee for State Security (BKGB), the State Customs Committee, and the Ministries of the Interior, Health, and Foreign Affairs will conduct their own programs.
I suggest we change the Department of Justice name to Committee for State Security, with a new motto: "Sword and Shield of the Party.
Only mentioning the acronym KGB, the Committee for State Security of the former Soviet Union, still rings fear among many people.
But on the whalers they were openly presented as agents of the Committee for State Security.
The files of the former Committee for State Security are a thorny issue in Bulgaria, especially when it comes to the past of high-ranking officials.
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