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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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Diaphragm and anterior and posterior surfaces of the lungs were examined to reveal commissures process and additive echinococcus cysts.
The results of the measurements of the distances from the RCO and LCO to the commissures located on the right and left of the referred orifices are shown in Table 3.
PeD7 is anterior to the commissures, which is consistent with the location of e3 ventral to the cerebral axons; and the large PeVl neuron is in the posterior, ventral part of the pedal ganglia, which is consistent with the location of e2 above the cerebral axons.
In summary, there seems to be no significant difference between high vagal lesions and RLN lesions in terms of VC position or length, degree of abduction on inspiration, anterior commissure angle, arytenoid position, glottic configuration on phonation, and vibrational asymmetry.
They stated that, considering the distance between the commissures, the right coronary sinus was the largest of all three sinuses of the aortic root.
The relatively small number of GLU-LIR neurons, combined with rich arborization and projection patterns at both central (ganglion neuropil, connectives and commissures) and peripheral (nerves and tissue) levels, indicate a broad involvement of this amino acid in different regulatory processes, including intra- and interganglionic integration, as well as afferent and efferent roles.
Each valve specimen was divided into 4 sections: anterolateral and posteromedial commissures, anterior and posterior leaflets.
Their anteriorly projecting fibers crossed the midline and formed a commissure in the anterior region.
All pleonic ganglion anlagen one to seven share the occurrence of two main commissures and a characteristic median Y-shaped neuron that might correspond to the neuron S described by Whiting-ton et al.
Three-dimensional echocardiography demonstrating the thickened mitral valve leaflets with fused commissures (fish-mouth appearance) in parasternal short axis view, suggesting rheumatic mitral stenosis.
La maladie se manifestait par la toux, l'ecoulement nasal, les lesions au niveau des commissures labiales, des museaux, des paupieres et des parties interdigitales ; les poils piques, les tremblements musculaires, des diarrhees nauseabondes auxquels les animaux ne survivaient pas longtemps.
The glottis extends from the ventricle to approximately 1 cm below the free level of the true vocal cord and includes the vocal cords and anterior and posterior commissures. The subglottis (Figure 5) extends from approximately 1 cm below the level of the true vocal cord to the inferior rim of the cricoid cartilage.
Each pair of ganglia is connected to each other by connective nerves and bilaterally by inter-ganglionic nerve commissures (Fig.
According to the article, results included "frontal and lateral enhancement of lower facial contour, relaxation of high horizontal lines located just below the lateral mandibular border, and lower deep vertical smile lines present lateral to the oral commissures and melomental folds."
A difference in the position of the commissures of [greater than or equal to]2.5 mm was chosen as an indicator of the upper lip asymmetry based on studies involving the recognition of a maxillary cant and the study of Batwa et al.