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the person who holds the secretaryship of the Department of Commerce

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the position of the head of the Department of Commerce

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The documents indicate that he did attend what appear to be two of several dozen meetings of this working group,'' said Anne Luzzatto, press secretary to Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor.
John Shalikashvili, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Kantor; and Ronald Brown, the commerce secretary who was killed in a plane crash in April.
South Carolina continues to be extremely competitive when it comes to attracting international investment," said Commerce Secretary Bob Faith.
Ronald Brown, the commerce secretary and former party chairman, who was killed in a plane crash over the Balkans, was offered a tribute from his wife, Alma.
But the latest figures also carried a measure of good news for the administration, as Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor was quick to note.
The groundbreaking use of composites has applications beyond the aerospace industry, and puts South Carolina on the cutting-edge of this knowledge-based technology," state Commerce Secretary Bob Faith said.
A sustained breakdown in the Air Force's chain of command was a leading factor in the plane crash that killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 33 other people aboard a jet in Dubrovnik, Croatia, two months ago, the service said Friday in its official report on the accident.
Panel members included North Carolina Commerce Secretary Jim Fain; Barry Eveland, IBM Senior State Executive for North Carolina and Chair of NC Citizen's for Business and Industry; Jim Goodmon, President and CEO of Capitol Broadcasting Company; and Andrea Harris, President of the North Carolina Center for Minority Economic Development.
Questionable decisions by pilots, a possibly faulty radio beacon and strong crosswinds were among the factors contributing to the April 3 crash of an Air Force jet that killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others, Defense Secretary William Perry said Thursday.
Commerce Secretary Don Evans to bring the new Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing to Minnesota.
Only hours before his death in a plane crash on a storm-swept Croatian mountaintop in April, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown called a former business partner and said he had overruled staff members who were worried that it was dangerous to fly into Croatia because of treacherous weather, the former business partner said Friday.
The perception of an American oilman and reality are quite different, according to former Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher.
The agreement was reached at a two-day Bangladesh-India commerce secretary level meeting that ended on Thursday at the Ministry of Commerce here.
The understanding was reached with BraziAlian officials during a two-day visit of Pakistan's Commerce Secretary Younus Dagha.
Governor Sam Brownback on Friday announced the resignation of interim Commerce Secretary Nick Jordan effective January 5th 2018.
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