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the United States federal department that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade (including management of the census and the patent office)

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Sources said the commerce department has spent Rs 1,000 crore allocated for interest subsidy for the current financial year, a benefit that is available to exporters from select sectors, and is now seeking an enhancement.
Abdul Wahab from commerce department beat Muhammad Moeed computer science with 11-8 and 11-9 points.
According to a Commerce Department notice in the US Federal Register, the license applications generally will be denied.
WASHINGTON -- Commerce Department releases international trade data for March, 8:30 a.
To make Internet become a new battleground for the mortar-and-brick stores, the Commerce Department launched the 2009 E-commerce Development Program and selected 58 conventional stores suitable for cyber marketing as benchmark stores distributing their products and services on the PChome Online Store website.
The Manufacturing Council, which advises the Commerce Department, made its proposal in a letter to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.
5 percent lower, while sales plummeted 14 percent, the Commerce Department said.
The complaint goes on to say that the Commerce Department "refused to determine" if there had been "any causal link" between Goss' withdrawal and TKS's alleged misconduct, and instead "referred the issue to the International Trade Commission.
After several years of negotiation between the exporter community, the Commerce Department, and the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Commerce Department has lowered its charges to small-business exporters, particularly first-time users of Commerce's exporter services.
The US Commerce Department has confirmed it is to retain oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the company managing Internet domain names, for a further three years.
The Commerce Department study hopes to promote market-based solutions to electronics recycling issues," Wiener says.
1 percent after edging up by the same amount in May, the Commerce Department reported Friday.
Commerce Department calculates the savings rate as the ratio of personal savings to after-tax disposable income.
In response to industry pressure, however, the Commerce Department agreed to continue the program until March 2009.
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