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either of two different animal or plant species living in close association but not interdependent

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living in a state of commensalism

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This immediately causes problems, because you need to bring the slave close enough into circles of commensality that they cook for you, but keep them distant enough that you can claim complete superiority.
ancestry, commensality, thanksgiving, possession of the Spirit?
The female piper appears because her music is connected to commensality.
1997) "Food and disharmony: commensality among Jews".
A potent source of male energy and power, food provides the fuel necessary for knightly action, while commensality strengthens the fraternal bonds that underpin Camelot's civic society.
Although many Cherith Brook residents and volunteers themselves prefer a vegetarian diet, the vegetarian option invokes a tension of commensality.
Zucker's primary research is ethnographic: she conducted a ground-up study of local interactions, based on an extended stay in the pseudonymous village of O'Thmaa, that looks at the most basic forms of sociality: kinship, food, commensality, and life cycle and other ritual practices.
Through elaborations of etiquette and rules of commensality, it entails echoes of historic patterns of domination that ill accord with the classic nation-state representations of citizen equality.
those based upon co-residence, or commensality, or name-sharing--are at least as salient as procreative ones in human communities, and that for this reason there is no warrant for granting privileged status to procreatively-derived relationships.
Zucker highlights the importance of kinship, consumption, commensality and food for rebuilding relations and rendering one's world part of "the civil" (srok or viel) as opposed to "the wild" (prey).
2009) "Change and stability in commensality patterns: a comparative analysis of Belgian time-use data from 1966, 1999 and 2004" Sociological Review, 57: 703-726.
Together, these policies use the commensality of hunger (a shared diet) and the hope it generates to foreground a vision of sharing of plenty.
Therefore, commensality should be considered important when building health care practices, especially in the field of EAN, and in the formulation of government policies that establish rights.
The comparative analysis of eating rituals, recipes, commensality and other food-related matters opens the way for a comparison between Arab-American and Chinese-American identities and their self-representations in writing.