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Juntamente con Arecales, Commelinales y Poales (APG II 2003, APG III 2009), las Zingiberales, integran el clado de las monocotiledoneas comelinoides, tratado como monofiletico sobre la base de la morfologia y la biologia molecular, como las secuencias rbcL, rbcL, atpB y 18S (Dalgren & Rasmussen 1983, Kress 1990, Chase et al.
The same trend emerges at angiosperm level based on our collective data: orbicules are common in the ANITA-grade and 85% of the monocots studied produce orbicules, with Orchidaceae, Commelinales and Zingiberales as notable exceptions.
As currently circumscribed (APG III 2009), the commelinid clade consists of four groupings: (1) Dasypogonaceae, (2) the palm clade Arecales, including a single species-rich family, Arecaceae, (3) the ginger/Tradescantia clade, including Zingiberales (eight families), Commelinales (four families) and Hanguana, and (4) the expanded grass clade Poales sensu lato, which now includes 17 families, since Hydatellaceae are excluded (Saarela et al.
The appearance of a dimorphic perianth is variable throughout the commelinid monocots, and the transition from a monomorphic perianth to a dimorphic perianth appears to have occurred independently in the Commelinales and the Zingiberales (Bartlett & Specht, 2010).
Commelinales and Poales are not covered to any appreciable extent in the present paper, because they are crown groups that have already attained extensive vessel presence throughout the plant--a feature deserving of ecophysiological study, notably different from the presence of all-tracheid systems in monocots.
Polyphyly and convergent morphological evolution in Commelinales and Commelinidae: evidence from rbcL sequence data.
undulatas Fowler & Turner [151] CHLORANTHALES Chloranthaceae Chloranthus spicatus [251] COMMELINALES Commelinaceae Cochliostema odoratissima [121] CORNALES Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus coronarius L.
ZHC Clade (Zingiberales, Commelinales and Hanguana)
In Table I we have loosely arranged them into five groupings, for convenience: 1) palms and possible relatives, 2) Poales and possible relatives, 3) Commelinales, 4) Philydrales, and 5) Zingiberales.
Parietal cells are lacking in some families of Commelinales sensu Chase et al.