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Spider flower Commelinaceae Commelina benghalensis L.
Commelinaceae Tradescantia fluminensis Velloso X 1951 Si I Compositae Ageratina adenophora (Spreng.) 2006 Si King & H.
Floral organogenesis in the spiderwort family, Commelinaceae, has previously been investigated in 11 species from eight of 42 genera, three of nine subtribes or their equivalent, and two of three tribes in the family (Hardy & Stevenson, 2000a, b; Hardy et al., 2000, 2004, 2009; Masters, 1872; Payer, 1857; Rohweder, 1963; Stevenson & Owens, 1978).
Commelinaceae, Convallariaceae, Costaceae, Cyclanthaceae y Cymodoceaceae.
Araceae, Alismataceae, Commelinaceae, Amaranthaceae and Plantaginaceae were represented by four species each and the other families by three or fewer species.
Los cristales siliceos epidermicos y los estegmata son caracteristicos de Orchidaceae, Poaceae y Commelinaceae (Prychid et al., 2004); sin embargo, en Orchidaceae estan ausentes en las subfamilias Orchideoideae, Epidendroideae y Vanilloideae.
& Calderon Sierra Madre Oriental Caprifoliaceae Abelia grandiflora Villarreal Sierra Madre Oriental Commelinaceae Commelina queretaroensis Sierra Madre Oriental Lopez-Farrari, Espejo y Ceja Compositae Cirsium bicentenariale Rzed.
ex Kurz gacho aga 4 Commelina paludosa Commelinaceae Batbattye shak Blume 5 Gymnopetalum Cucurbitaceae Tittolong shak cochinchinense (Lour.) Kurz 6 Momordica Cucurbitaceae Tidegulo shak charantia L.
Am X Cleomaceae Cleome hassleriana Chodat Am X X Commelinaceae Commelina cf.
C Dd R Xoconostle (al) (MPF 172) Commelinaceae Tradescantia pendula (Sehnizl.) DR Hunt C Dd Pa Hierba de pollo (hl) (MPF 156) Crassulaceae Sedun allantoides Rose C Dd Pa Lengua de conejo (il) (MPF 287) Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium murale L.