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anything that an adult person uses to reduce anxiety

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a blanket (or toy) that a child carries around in order to reduce anxiety

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Eighteen-month-old Harry Lucks was left with a visible red mark around his neck after a cotton thread from his Blue Mouse Snuggz comfort blanket somehow got wrapped around his neck while he was asleep in his bed.
Consider how insecure you'd need to be to choose the comfort blanket security of the Volkswagen badge over that.
Not so much 'ornamental' as 'oh, she's mental' as I sniff, caress and generally smooch that lovely bit of fabric that is more comfort blanket than fashion statement.
Pro-UK parties cannot play chicken with the Scottish voters, facing them down with the fear of the unknown against the comfort blanket of the clapped-out politics.
She was caught, wrapped in her childhood comfort blanket, when she worked as a check-in girl at Manchester airport.
They are no more than an 'at least we are doing something' comfort blanket for technically illiterate politicians.
Added to that, Sheikh Mohammed's comfort blanket is still wrapped around the breeding world; he was, after all, leading buyer with 33 purchases worth more than six million guineas, around 12 per cent of total turnover.
As far as the UAE is concerned, Abu Dhabi is acknowledged as being insulated by a substantial financial comfort blanket of robust oil
The unwillingness of children to flee the financial comfort blanket of the parental nest once they reach adulthood is well documented.
Grilled cheese sandwiches are the culinary equivalent of a comfort blanket.
It's because a mobile phone has become a comfort blanket, an extra layer of insurance to keep alongside your RAC membership.
Forward Ben Westwood's long awaited comeback from injury also went well, other than him spending ten minutes in the sin-bin, and his presence appears to provide a bit of a comfort blanket for the rest of the side.
Then I twigged - I reckon it's part of the comfort blanket home hopefully still provides.
People with ill-health, whether they have social phobia or other anxiety disorders, turn to the internet and social media like a comfort blanket.
When the UK needs leadership and steadiness they would be reaching for the comfort blanket of a cut-price, plastic Margaret Thatcher.