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a still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale

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When you ran the spirit through column stills, instead of 12 pounds to make a liter you may only need eight pounds.
Rums are created from one of two fundamental distillation techniques: the old-fashioned batch process called pot still distillation or the more industrial style known as column still (a.
By the Ken "Irish whiskey is a mix of grains and it's partly made in pot stills but mainly in column stills.
Seven Tikiis distilled slowly in small batches using copper stills, according to the company, which is in contrast to the column stills used by other white rum producers, such as Bacardi and Havana Club.
Their shapes (and the whisky's end-result) differ whether they are patent stills, Coffey stills, Lomond stills, pot stills, column stills, continuous stills or Irish stills.
as molecular stills or evaporators, single or multi-stage, and may be combined with fractional column stills.
The vast majority are industrial, produced in large column stills in a continuous distillation process.
Irish whiskey is traditionally distilled in pot stills, as opposed to the column stills used for Scotch and other spirits.
It's a small batch vodka made from high-altitude Swiss rye, which is first distilled in traditional copper alembic still, then further refined in 45-plate column stills.
Master distillers are likewise responsible for creating grain whiskies in column stills.
Distilled in column stills, the rum derives its taste from oak vats in which the rum is matured for at least eight months, the company says.