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This contrasts with studies about the interaction of other species from Columbidae family with different structural units of landscape (Jimenez et al.
Medina y Serrano (2009) en la isla Patos, bahia de Ohuira registraron un total de 33 especies pertenecientes a 17 familias (Ardeidae, Anatidae, Cathartidae, Corvidae, Columbidae, Falconidae, Fregatidae, Haematopodidae, Laridae, Mimidae, Pandionidae, Pelecanidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Threskiomithidae, Tyrannidae, Scolopacidae, Sulidae).
platypterus * Gavilan aludo Pandionidae Aguila pescadora Pandion haliaetus * Aguila pescadora Falconidae Halcones y caricares Micrastur gilvicollis Halcon de monte ojiblanco Daptrius ater Cacao negro Ibycter americanus Cacao avispero Falco rufigularis Halcon murcielaguero Cracidae Paujiles, pavas y guacharacas Ortalis guttata Guacharaca moteada Rallidae Rascones y Tinguas Aramides cajanea Chilacoa colinegra Scolopacidae Playeros y correlimos Actitis macularia * Andarrios maculado Laridae Gaviotas y charranes Phaetusa simplex Charran picudo Sterna superciliaris Charran fluvial Columbidae Palomas Patagioenas speciosa Paloma escamada P.
Doves and pigeons constitute, as I'm sure all readers know, the group Columbidae within the order Columbiformes.
Pigeons are closely related to doves, both belonging to the family Columbidae.
The final paper in the volume by Worthy and Wragg provides the descriptive evidence for a previously unknown genus and species of Columbidae pigeon from Henderson Island, Bountyphaps obsoleta.
Estos dos generos de piojos son parasitos exclusivos de aves de la familia Columbidae (Clayton & Price, 1999; Price et al.
Cathartidae 3% Columbidae 5% Trochilidae 3% Picidae 8% Turdidae 3% Thraupidae 3% Accipitridae 3% Cuculidae 3% Trogonidae 3% Ty ranidae 8% Mimidae 11% Emberizidae 5% Falconidae 5% Caprimulgidae 3% Todidae 14% Vireonidae 5% Parulidae 8% Icteridae 8% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
Durante esos periodos de descanso los mas visibles fueron los Columbidae, Guira guira (Cuculidae) sobre los cables (solitarios, en parejas, o en grupos de tres), o los Emberizidae como Sicalis spp.
Regarding the COLUMBIDAE family the main distinction that can be observed is the fact that there seems to have been some shifts in the denominations both for the generic and the gender specific terms as well as for the young one.
27) The doves take on an additional meaning in the context of the Columbine shootings since they are a member of the family Columbidae (the word "columbine" actually means "dove-like" or "dove-colored").
For the captive program, the amount of feed was determined based on the estimated protein and fat requirements of the family Columbidae (Baer 1984).
paradisaea Pontoppidan, arctic I R tern Xema sabini (Sabine), Sabine's I R gull Family Alcidae (auks, murres, and puffins) Brachyramphus perdix (Pallas), I R long-billed murrelet Synthliboramphus antiquus I R (Gmelin), ancient murrelet Uria lomvia (Linnaeus), I R thick-billed murre Order Columbiformes (pigeons and doves) Family Columbidae (pigeons and doves) Columba fasciata Say, I R band-tailed pigeon C.
As Dick Advocaat sweated over Barry Ferguson's fitness, a posse of Rangers fans were stuck in Scotland cursing their luck and bemoaning the stupidity of the species known as Columbidae livia - better known locally as the doo.