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quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter

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25 by colourimetry; HMC by XRF Finland 1028 4 acid/AAS Finland not reported XRF Finland >64 not reported Canada 550 sintering/colourimetry Canada 1220 fusion/colourimetry Canada >2000 fusion/colourimetry Canada clay+silt not analyzed fusion/colourimetry Ireland 80 not reported Sweden not reported Canada >250 not reported Canada not reported not reported Canada 1600 colourimetry Canada 75 INAA Canada 816 borate fusion/ICP-MS Country Source of information Finland Aario and Pueraniemi (1992) Sweden Brundin and Bergstrom (1977) Canada Coker et al.
Reflectance colourimetry has been used to provide quantitative measurements of skin colour.
The most suitable images for HDR display and distribution will be those with highest dynamic range and natural colourimetry.
45 [micro]m), and determination of molybdate reactive P by colourimetry (Murphy and Riley 1962).
The total nitrogen concentration was determined by the Kjeldahl method, total phosphorus was determined by sulfuric digestion and colourimetry, total potassium was determined by flame photometry and calcium and magnesium were determined by atomic absorption (Embrapa 2011).
3 Nottingham and Derby Optical, Wolloughby Hall, Nottingham University Park Campus, Nottingham, Visual stress and colourimetry lecture (ndos@live.
However, in most previous studies, the concentration of condensed P species in solution was determined using colourimetry, with the polyphosphate concentration calculated as the difference between total P and initial OR Due to the digestion procedure required to determine total P, some weakly adsorbed and organic P species would be included in the solution P measurement, resulting in an underestimation of P sorption.
4]) and the concentration of orthophosphate in the acid extracts was determined by colourimetry according to the method of Murphy and Riley (1962).
4]C1 and analysis by inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), and concentration of chlorides and nitrates in aqueous solution by colourimetry.
The NMR-detected P concentrations were consistent with P concentrations determined by colourimetry and ICP-OES analysis for all NaOH-EDTA extracts.
201[micro]m before determination of 31p by malachite green colourimetry and [sup.
The sodium bicarbonate method and Mo-Sb colourimetry were used to measure soil available P (Bao 1999).