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the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism

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The extensive colour spectrum of Alesta opens up a whole new universe of possibilities for achieving utterly unique results: The choice of structure, gloss and colour provides the designer with a full spectrum which only Alesta says it can offer.
We can see only part of the colour spectrum since some wavelengths, such as infrared and ultraviolet, are invisible to us.
m program, correlation coefficients may be estimated precisely enough for selecting only a single colour spectrum (R, G or B).
8-inch OLED (organic LED) screen that has a resolution of 720x480 pixels, a very quick response time and a wide colour spectrum.
The great bargain grabbing public are apparently mainly women, accompanied by small girls with a purse full of coppers eager to snap up anything that sparkles in the sunlight or is from the magenta to lilac colour spectrum.
While "French Garden" presents the colours yellow and green, and "Cottage" is characterised by shades of red and blue, "Flower Dream" is positioned in the green and blue colour spectrum.
Paddy Power, spokesman for the firm, said: "Our fashion spotters tell me Her Majesty wore a pink hat on Derby day, so we reckon something at the other end of the colour spectrum.
Real-life colours are captured using the latest 3LCD technology by matching hue variations in the colour spectrum.
Along its length, the signature Rogers yellow is amplified by the full range of the colour spectrum.
In autumn expect the whole colour spectrum with special emphasis on pink, red and yellow I note many deciduous shrubs display these tones.