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Synonyms for palette

the range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art

board that provides a flat surface on which artists mix paints and the range of colors used


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Paradise Found is one of the featured colors presented in Odyssey, a collection of four new color palettes showcasing the 2016 color trends from the PPG The Voice of Color program.
For example, the team found that the neutral color family accounted for 60 percent of Glidden paint sales and so ensured that it had a starring role in the new color palette.
If your inflatable business already has some colors that are identifiable to the brand then you may want to stick with the existing color palette.
With the season and color palette set, I began making sketches of various designs.
Its color palette offers a soft, smooth, tonal effect.
The Aura color palette consists of reds, blues, purples, greens, yellows, and more, and Bayer plans to extend the range as the market demands.
Using a color palette helps define your area and gives your garden a cohesive look," Kane says.
If you planned it properly," says White, "you could use coil-coated steel for an entire vehicle as long as you controlled the color palette.
Fall, with its beautiful color palette, always brings a sense of new beginnings for each of us.
Art Director Laura Avello played a major role in creating the new look and color palette for the site.
Terry Widener's gorgeous illustrations and deep color palette evoke the arresting beauty of the islands.
Sara McLean, color expert and blogger at specs+spaces, explains that the color palette is rich in deep and vivid colors, inspired by adventure and discovery around the world.
com)-- The Expression 2012 color palette - created based on the ColorXpress Europe's research into the latest industry color trends - features new colors such as retro hues of fuchsia, teal and orange; and versatile neutrals.
A bold, fresh color palette for walls, finishes and fabrics was key to making the design of the vast space work.
The dominance of the deep reds, blues and browns lost some of their power this market as many vendors turned to an earthier color palette.