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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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The truth is that, all these European States are real architect of creation of this Jewish state in the heart of Arab world, today United States is continuing the mission it overtook from these former colonial powers.
Therefore, while clans became a weakness to Somalis, religion had another effect; it became an important motive to stand up against colonial powers. Colonial powers sent missionaries to Somalia and built churches.
The speakers said that neither lucrative offers nor repressive measures of the colonial power could attract or bend him.
They noted that the colonial power perpetuated their rule by promoting their language.
It is coincidental that the sons of the two men who tussled over what kind of Kenya we would have after independence are the ones at the frontline of a similar struggle now.In the 1960s, the big debate would be whether Kenya would be true to the demands of the freedom struggles democracy, freedom, land, prosperity and equality while incorporating a nation out of the diversity of its people that had been divided to allow for minority rule by settlers and the colonial power.
On one hand, there would be the religious alliance, MMA, and on the other hand would be political parties talking of liberalism secularism and the slaves of the colonial powers.He said the past and the present rulers had been unable to provide any relief to the general public and it would unwise to try them again.
Mohammed al-Shamali said that "Today, Syria is so close to expel Wahabi terrorists sent by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey and backed by the same colonial powers and achieve victory under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.
What happens in the ThirdWorld doesn't concern the former colonial powers anymore, so why should we care?
Summary: The people who ousted colonial powers failed to unite in building their nations, forcing many to pine for an era of repression that brought them together
Ricci and several other authors in the volume also point to the fact that colonial powers did not invent exile and banishment; these were policy measures already set in place by precolonial polities in Asia.
'In the EU, we have member states that were colonial powers, member states that were colonized, and some that were neither, so this is an issue we know from many perspectives,' Jessen said.
According to this view, while the "lines in the sand" drawn by the diplomats Mark Sykes and Francois Georges-Picot served the short-term interests of the colonial powers, the arbitrary partition of the region spurred a century of violence, organized and otherwise.
As the writer has correctly pointed out that the division was not based on ground realities but it was basically aimed at facilitating colonial powers to maintain their areas of influence.
Benn espoused the high ideals of working class internationalism which he deliberately and shamefully convoluted with the shaky "internationalism" between the colonial powers of Britain, France and the United States which is known as globalization And yes, Tony Benn would have spun in his grave at his son's speech.
You see when Africa's colonial powers began to relinquish political control, they also quickly "exported" their form of university education to train local elite as civil servants who would administratively run African states in the post-colonial period.
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