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exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one

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This could have been "an implicit imperialist strategy" that aimed "towards conceptual homogenization and the creation of 'imagined communities'" that contrasted "gentlemanly colonial power" to a "feminine Orient." Following this hypothesis, gender profoundly informed ideas about racial difference in colonial India, and safeguarding imperial power meant maintaining the integrity of that gendered difference.
He is particularly concerned with how colonial powers construct the territoriality of development by binding together political identity with development and settlement and the way in which postcolonial nationalist movements often continued with such practices.
They said Soreh Badshah launched the freedom movement against the colonial powers at the age of 21.
Dr Masood Ashraf Raja from Texas University spoke in detail about the discursive methods and power tactics used by the colonial powers for promoting hegemony.
He was clear that there was also a need for the state to consciously facilitate the creation of a nation state out of the diverse communities brought together as Kenya by colonial powers in Berlin in 1885.The 2010 Constitution could be said to be our Second Independence and was meant to remedy the mistakes from the past and project us to the new future that we wanted.
Yet it never recovered from Dien Bien Phu, its colonial power always in doubt.
On this day, Muslims of undivided India gathered in Lahore to decide the status of Muslims once the British colonial power left the subcontinent.
Italy is Libya's former colonial power, the biggest buyer of its oil and gas, and landing point for migrants that cast off from its shores.
Morocco said he used the word "occupation" to describe its annexation of the region at the center of a struggle since 1975, when Morocco took over from colonial power Spain.
Hundreds of Gbagbo's supporters gathered outside as the hearing began, demanding the release of a man they say is a victim of neo-colonial meddling by former colonial power France.
1975: The southern African state of Angola gains its independence from former colonial power Portugal.
The centre-right leader said he wanted the ballot next year on whether to ditch the current flag, which features the Union Jack of former colonial power Britain in one corner.
Abdullah Abdullah on Monday slammed President Hamid Karzai's recent remarks that Washington was acting like a colonial power as "an emotional approach".
But underneath the surface lay subtle criticism of the colonial power, often delivered by an anonymous author.
The former colonial power, France, said it would contribute hundreds of extra troops to the force.
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