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The level of importance that assimilation plays in the differentiation of careful from colloquial speech can be seen in the examples.
54-74), under the headings 'Substitutions de sens', with reference especially to the large numbers of what he calls 'series synonymiques' generated in colloquial speech (for example, synonyms for tete, such as bobine, pot, citron, citrouille), and 'Substitutions de forme', with reference especially to the welldocumented language codes that exist in French (loucherbem, javanais, verlan).
In a 1939 article, Ione Morrison Rider praises Bontemps for his determination to create books for children and his ability to free "the natural rhythms of colloquial speech from the tyranny of traditional renderings that prevent its enjoyment by children" (13).
His years in the United States were centered about Yale University where, as a student of William Dwight Whitney, among others, he received philological training in Sanskrit and classical languages, culminating in 1890 in a dissertation, written in Latin, on traces of colloquial speech in the Satires of Horace.
These plays are typical of his work in their use of the moralistic tone of traditional drama, in the rush of their prose, in their boisterousness, in their colloquial speech, and in their mixture of realistic detail with a romanticized plot.
Since the quality of a magic discourse depends in part upon its length, magic texts--in contrast to colloquial speech where words reveal vowel deletion--carry the expanded forms of words as well as a range of metaphors, for example "grass" or pula in colloquial Cuna becomes ipetinikki in "How to Grab"; the terms used metaphorically in the magic text for "tongue," "fangs," etc.
It is this cluster of similar words, rather than any single term, that best corresponds to what in colloquial speech is referred to as an "emotion".
Influenced by Laforgue and Leopoldo <IR> LUGONES </IR> , Lopez Velarde wrote about love, religion, and his homeland in a style characterized by use of colloquial speech involving eccentric, unexpected words and images.
Salinger's style is clean and concise, and he is particularly noted for his faithful reproduction of colloquial speech.
Dialect adaptive engines that do not miss colloquial speech
The Yamination name of his company makes fun of the "yam yam" phrase used to refer to the colloquial speech patterns of people born and bred in his native Black Country.
If there is a flaw, it is O'Connor's uneven sense of dialogue; but since this unevenness errs on the side of colloquial speech, it is unlikely to bother the young teens of the target audience who may find it more approachable.
The advantage is that Ramirez's maturity as a storyteller is intact, as is his expertise in dialogue based on colloquial speech.
The poet's delight at air "mixed in the main of night" gets expressed in the languages of high-school science texts ("color, odor, taste, gas"), colloquial speech ("the other guys in the atmosphere"), and something akin to a surrealist cut-up ("an ox with less amour is arguably carpe diem").
The stylistic innovation of Kipling's poetry had been recognized by pre-revolutionary Russian critics, who seem not to have been troubled, as some of their British counterparts were, by a certain perceived 'vulgarity' in his energetic use of colloquial speech.