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He opened the colloid in that heavenly stillness and mopped his face.
I was squinting through a colloid before you were out of your cradle, my son.
Tim slides open the aft colloid and reveals the curve of the world--the ocean's deepest purple--edged with fuming and intolerable gold.
Then the Sun rises and through the colloid strikes out our lamps.
Putting clients' needs first, that's the reason for our ongoing investment in capital equipment," commented Josephine Bagnall, Sales and Marketing Director at Colloids.
The undergraduate textbook introduces methods for determining the surface tension of liquids, the thermodynamics of adsorption, and the structure of surfactants, emulsions, and charged colloids.
NYSE: GRA), and Allied Colloids today jointly announced a worldwide strategic sales and marketing alliance to deliver a broader range of products and services to the water treatment and pulp and paper industries.
Somasundaran is La von Duddleson Krumb Professor, Director Langmuir Center for Colloids & Interfaces, Director National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Studies in Novel Surfactants at Columbia University.
Now part of the international ToSaf Group, Colloids exports over 75% of Sales worldwide into sectors including:
com/research/d7118b/colloids_in_agroch) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Colloids in Agrochemicals, Volume 5: Colloids and Interface Science" to their offering.
Colloids Ltd founded in 1967, part of the Tosaf group of companies, is one of the plastic industry's leading multinational suppliers of masterbatches and concentrates.
Key application areas are said to include latexes, liposomes, pigments, dispersions, colloids and emulsions.
A series of biodegradable colour masterbatches formulated for use in a number of biodegradable polymer systems has been developed by Colloids for sale under the D-K brand name.
Institute of Materials Science - New Paltz, seminar on "Introduction to emulsion polymers/polymer colloids," Orlando, FL, IMS (914) 255-0757 - October 20-21.
This volume describes the role of colloids in cosmetics and personal care, highlighting the importance of fundamental research in practical applications.