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in surface and colloid chemistry from the University of Bristol.
The issue of surface and colloid chemistry is of significant importance in the processing of Canadian oil sands.
(1.) Tadros, TF, "Polymeric Surfactants." In Holmberg, K (ed.) Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry, Vol.
He has two edited books and over 90 papers and patents on polymer physics, block copolymers, silicone chemistry, polymer rheology, inorganic and colloid chemistry. His paper, "Theory of block copolymers," (J.
Polymer-solvent/polymer-surface interactions, polymer characterization, colloid chemistry, micro emulsions, liquid crystals, micelles, NMR spectroscopy, and diffusion are his areas of interest.
Provides an in-depth study of the aspects of colloid chemistry that are important to papermaking.
Khan achieved a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and masters' degrees in polymer science, surface and colloid chemistry and an MBA in marketing.
With this information to hand, research workers have now been looking at the surface and colloid chemistry involved, and colloid science can describe the whole change from dough mixing to the fixation of the bread structure.
of Buenos Aires, Argentina) presents this physico-chemical analysis of colloid-ion interactions in soil, intended to inform environmental science with colloid chemistry. Part I serves as a primer on colloid chemistry, including interfacial thermodynamics, electrostatics, sorption processes, and colloid stability.
Surface and colloid chemistry; principles and applications.
Leaist is a new Canada Research Chair who holds a Tier 1 Chair in colloid chemistry. He has also been awarded a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for laser light scattering equipment for measuring colloid diffusion and size distributions.
Ring; Written by John Swanson Colloid Chemistry of Papermaking Materials provides an in-depth study of the aspects of colloid chemistry that are important to papermaking.