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United States general who was the first African American to serve as chief of staff

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Now, Collin Powell, which is affiliated with the Republican Party, realizes that the campaign launched by his party for its presidential candidate McCain committed a mistake when it insulted Obama because of his Arab and Islamic origin.
Lebanese actress Jasmine Al Masri was among the first attendees to step on the red carpet, followed by Terry and Maggie Gilliam, Oliver Stone, American actor Jeffrey Wright - who portrays Collin Powell in W - and his British wife - actress Carmen Ejogo - and legendary singer and activist Harry Belafonte.
Let us remember what military black previous Secretary of State Collin Powell and his successor Chevron's Condoleezza Rice had done to the blacks of America.
has penned a column about some readers' negative reactions to a recent Gary McCoy editorial cartoon, in which former Secretary of State Collin Powell drinking Kool-Aid in his endorsement of Barack Obama.
After one year of discussion, Shultz and his group contributed another article on the same subject to the Wall Street Journal last month and disclosed that Madeline Albright, James Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski, William Christopher, Robert McNamara and Collin Powell indicated general support.
said Sarah Lawson, who listened to a Fox News broadcast of an interview with Secretary of State Collin Powell as she watched her 2-year-old son, Caleb.
Jordan, the African-American lawyer, director of corporations and close friend of Bill Clinton who is a Steering Committee member of the Bilderberg (and Collin Powell at last year's conference at Versailles, near Paris; and perhaps in the coming year Condolezza Rice).
During the period from June 1995 to June 1996, Collin Powell was the main topic 47 times, O.
State Secretary Collin Powell told a press conference.
When I was based in UN, I saw this show and what it begat," Zarif wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday drawing an analogy between the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's news conference and the famous and all-lie speech of the former US defense minister Collin Powell.
He reminded me that three weeks after the war on Iraq, the then Secretary of State Collin Powell visited him and made many demands to which the president's response was no, no and no.
The US has been the only country to label the Darfur conflict as genocide in 2004 by Secretary of State Collin Powell though some US officials later were reluctant to continue using the term including former US special envoy to Sudan Andrew Natsios.
Former US state secretary Collin Powell brought out the Muslim debate in the best way only he could have possibly done.
La campana de Obama no ha sido perfecta pero si ha sido un exito que ha impulsado a un numero importante de estadounidenses a inscribirse en los registros electorales y a connotados republicanos, encabezados por Collin Powell, el ex secretario de Estado de Bush, a adherir a la candidatura democrata.