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the accurate adjustment of the line of sight of a telescope

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This section will first present computation of transmission of collimated light rays through straight pipes and pipes with bends.
A synchrotron light source is basically an oval electron/positron accelerator that generates intense and highly collimated light that is tunable from infrared to gamma rays.
A fully automated 15-meter retroreflectometer system uses a collimated light source to simulate, for example, the headlamp of an automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle.
The unique high brightness and collimated light output of PhlatLight LEDs requires only a few PhlatLight RGB modules to illuminate light guides, creating uniform diffuse white light with a wider color gamut than CCFL or white LED backlights.
It converts diffuse light from an illumination source into a powerful collimated light beam that can produce a highly accurate silhouette for image measurement.