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the accurate adjustment of the line of sight of a telescope

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This section will first present computation of transmission of collimated light rays through straight pipes and pipes with bends.
A synchrotron light source is basically an oval electron/positron accelerator that generates intense and highly collimated light that is tunable from infrared to gamma rays.
Rather than the very diffuse light from the bulb used for letterpress, a highly collimated light is required to expose offset plates.
The unique high brightness and collimated light output of PhlatLight LEDs requires only a few PhlatLight RGB modules to illuminate light guides, creating uniform diffuse white light with a wider color gamut than CCFL or white LED backlights.
Unlike standard parabolic mirrors, Off-Axis Paraboloids (OAP) direct and focus incident collimated light at a specific angle, allowing unrestricted access to the focal point as well as reducing the size and minimizing the weight of an optical design.
It converts diffuse light from an illumination source into a powerful collimated light beam that can produce a highly accurate silhouette for image measurement.
It also has a patent on the WinDOE inspection method using collimated light to look through the DOE as well as looking at it in reflection.
The brightness of the collimated light is inversely related to the cross section ("emittance") of the light-producing electron or positron beam.
Due to a highly collimated light source and a unique photodetector array, the AEDT-9140 modules are extremely tolerant to mounting misalignment.