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a fibrous scleroprotein in bone and cartilage and tendon and other connective tissue

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Malignancies, infectious diseases, pulmonary embolism collegen vascular diseases, sarcoidosis, uremia are few of other causes of pleural effusion.
Reactive oxygen species can enhance collagen degradation in chorio-amniotic membranes, which can interfere with the protective effect on gene expression of metalloproteinase's (MMP -2) and can lead to increased collegen degradation.
If you smoke it greatly reduces collegen and damsges its fibres, causes wrinkless and dryness.
Vitamin C is responsible for the formation of collegen, a vital component in any soft tissue recovery.
University of Kentucky, Collegen of Agriculture and Agricultural Experiment Station, Lexington.
Skin Plus Collegen is aimed at 25+ and is designed to combat the first hint of a line.
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