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(Roman Catholic Church) the body of cardinals who advise the Pope and elect new Popes

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Since 1917 the code has required that a man must be a priest to be eligible for appointment to the College of Cardinals.
Pope Paul VI had set a limit of 120 members in the College of Cardinals.
A source close to the Vatican said: "There could be a canonical trial and Pope Francis could ask him to resign from the College of Cardinals and hand back his red hat but I think it's unlikely.
For any pope, appointing cardinals is a chance to shape the direction and future of the universal church, because the 120 members of the College of Cardinals elect new popes.
There are currently 14 vacancies in the College of Cardinals for "cardinal electors": those who would be allowed to enter a conclave to elect a pope.
The action starts tonight with revenge for an assassination attempt and a vow to get rid of corruption in the college of cardinals.
Those revelations, exposed by the leaks of papal documents last year, had divided the College of Cardinals into camps seeking a radical reform of the Holy See's governance and those defending the status quo.
The problems facing the Church split the College of Cardinals into camps; one seeking a radical reformer as Pope, the other, including the Holy See's governance, wanting to defend the status quo.
The present Pope has swelled the ranks of the College of Cardinals with like-minded European conservatives, unlikely to gamble with a pope from further afield.
The college of cardinals is divided up into three orders: bishops, priests and deacons.
7 ( ANI ): The College of Cardinals that will elect the next pope has cut off formal communications with the news media.
May the College of Cardinals work like an orchestra," he said.
This means a pyramidical structure with the pope at the top, then the college of cardinals, all appointed by the last two popes incidentally, followed by archbishops and bishops, not to mentioS n papal nuncios, who are the pope's representative in various countries.
With "Great Joy," Pope Benedict XVI declared on October 24, 2012, that the College of Cardinals would convene to appoint six new members of the Church as Cardinals, who are the following: - Monsignor Michael James Harvey from North America - Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East from Lebanon - Archbishop Basilius Klimos from India - Archbishop of the Abuja Diocese, John Olorunfemi, from Nigeria - Monsignor Salazar from Columbia - Monsignor Lewis Antonio from Philippines "The Cardinal rank is a medal of pride and honor not only for the newly appointed Cardinals, but also for the Church they belong to," said the Patriarchal Auxiliary for Canonical Affairs, Bishop Hanna Alwan.
What the author offers is not a chronological or interpretive history of the College of Cardinals (apart from his introductory chapter) but eleven parts in which he groups cardinals into categories that are somewhat loose, since a number of cardinals could easily sit under several headings.
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