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examination to determine a candidate's preparation for a course of studies

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A power outage in northern Taiwan's Taoyuan left a city district without electricity in the midst of a college entrance exam on Sunday afternoon.
One carefully studied example found that students who took two algebra classes concurrently (rather than a single math class) had much higher high school graduation rates, college entrance exam scores, and college enrollment levels.
"One of the most important tests a high school student will take is his or her college entrance exam," said Jackie McKinney, Center Director of Huntington Learning Center of Antioch.
Performance on the college entrance exams largely determines where Chinese students are placed for college, which can have a long-term impact on their future job opportunities.
That's why we are offering preparatory classes for their college entrance exams.”
When Maine and Michigan both announced they would replace their high school exit exams with the SAT and the ACT, they joined a few other states that have already nixed their high school exit exams in favor of college entrance exams. (The other states--Illinois and Colorado--use the ACT.) In addition to giving parents a financial break, Maine and Michigan hope that the tests will encourage more students to attend college.
Can't get your teenager to study the Bible or bone up for his or her college entrance exams? This may be just what you need to begin to create an all-around scholar.
Students must consent to releasing their personal data when they take college entrance exams.
Companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review earned their reputations by helping students beat college entrance exams, but as this episode indicates, their programs for elementary and middle school tests--especially for kids who are lagging in school--seem to be different.
In return for a $1,500 annual fee, history teachers might be persuaded to show up prepared for classes and actually teach students about the French Revolution rather than allowing them to watch "A Tale of Two Cities" or "Les Miserables." Teachers would be available 24 hours a day to tutor particularly mutton-headed students and coach them as they prepare to take their college entrance exams.
The education ministry plans to pay ''consolation money'' to 461 people who were told they had failed university and college entrance exams they had actually passed due to errors of the state-run institutions, ministry officials said Thursday.
Still, it is not unusual at this university (like with many public, less selective universities) for students to be first generation college attendees or to have scored low on college entrance exams. First generation college students, often have less background knowledge of what to expect in college and much uncertainty about whether or not they should even be in college.
Additionally, some states require students to take college entrance exams, such as the SAT or ACT, and some states (sometimes the same states) require high school students to take exams that assess a student's readiness for college and career, such as the PSAT or ACT's PLAN or EXPLORE assessments.
Now, 70 percent of eligible students are taking college entrance exams, test scores have risen dramatically, and staff turnover is down to an average 12 percent.
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