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act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country

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COLLABO 4THE T RATOR COLLABORATOA RS love food, and particularly love food when it's social and sharing is involved.
Inter Collabo Research on Internal Medicine and Public Health, 2011; 3(7): 576-86.
Airpower advocate Alexander de Seversky understood this concept well when he collabo rated with Walt Disney in making the film Victory through Air Power in 1943.
Over years of planning and a decade of operation the collabo ration of university and city has weathered budget cuts and political opposition and now faces new challenges related to changes in library services, such as ebooks, space usage, and the ever-present challenge of weeding a diverse collection.
Further improvement to the collabo ration and data sharing among our public, private, and academic/research sectors (and the disciplines within them) will also be required.
Interim director John McCarthy gave a fast-talking recitation of the many different organizations they collaborated with in the past year--Goodwill, the city, Community Youth Development, and my personal favorite, a collabo with RCAD, asking art students to produce live artistic interpretations.
13) A collabo is a collaborative song project done by more than one artist or musical group.
e nef a Meanwhile, Si added his weight to a One Direction/Justin Bieber collabo, saying: "If it was the right record then it would be a great idea.
He has stuff and collabo with a number of stars so that w boost his balanc lot en d also written collaborated big will also bank balance.
RIM is working in close collabo ration with Isis to help make the concept of mobile commerce a real ity," said Andrew Bocking, vice pres ident of BlackBerry Software, Re search In Motion.
I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa dupa soon
C'est exactement com me si on demandait a un Francais de la Resistance de toucher la main d'un collabo.
Theatre in Madrid and Barcelona, 1892-1936: Rivals or Collabo rators ?
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is collabo rating with a think-tank in Ghana, Institute for Democratic Governance, to devel o p a National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2010 for the West African country.
Calling it "a unique community-wide collabo ration" involving a local utility, universities, nonprofits, a chamber of commerce and local government, EDF National Energy Program Director Jim Marston says participants set out to "reinvent the current energy delivery system.