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Coleoptera associated with buried carrion: potential forensic importance and seasonal composition.
Curculionidae is the most dominant family with 62,000 known species world-wide in Coleoptera (Gahari et al.
The water scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae) represent one of the most ecologically diverse groups of Coleoptera, containing nearly 2900 species distributed worldwide (Short and Fikacek, 2013).
Aquatic Coleoptera from El Cristal Natural Reserve (Santa Fe Province, Argentina)
Kairomonal responses of Coleoptera, Monochamus titillator (Cerambycidae), Thanasimus dubius (Cleridae), and Temnochila virescens (Trgogositidae) to behavioral chemicals of southern pine bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae).
This volume completes the catalogue of the Coleoptera order of insects--beetles--in the northern part of Eurasia.
Number of sites where Taxa of insects Order and family Life stage collected Chaetocnema Coleoptera, Adult 1 Chrysomelidae Lysathia Coleoptera, Adult, larval 4 ludoviciana Chrysomelidae Altica litigata Coleoptera, Adult 2 Chrysomelidae Auleutes 1 Coleoptera, Adult 1 Curculionidae Auleutes 2 Coleoptera, Adult 1 Curculionidae Perigaster Coleoptera, Adult, larval, 3 cretura Curculionidae pupae Tyloderma Coleoptera, Adult 1 sphaerocarpae Curculionidae Eumorpha (b) Lepidoptera, Larval 1 Sphingidae Spilosoma (b) Lepidoptera, Larval 1 Arctiidae Coordinates of Taxa of insects Collection site collection sites Chaetocnema Lewisville Aquatic 33[degrees]04'45" N, Ecosystem Research 96[degrees]57'30" W Facility, Lewisville, Texas Lysathia United States Fish 29[degrees]50'22.
the diversification and rise of angiosperms to ecological dominance) have influenced the success of Coleoptera remains unclear.