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a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare

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As we head into a new Cold War era, this time around the actors on the stage won't be wielding their ideologies as defining factors.
If the US and Russia find no traction in this diplomatic standoff, a revisit to the Cold War era could well be envisaged.
For example, in the Cold War era, the national interests were largely yielded to a singular logic: "the defence of non-communist social order" (p.
That the US officials blatantly make such meddling (in other countries' affairs) indicates that they haven't understood the new situation of the international relations and they are still living in the Cold War era," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast said in his weekly press conference in Tehran today.
Gul said during the meeting at the Cankaya Presidential Residence that NATO had adapted to the changes of the post Cold War era, adding that the Alliance had successfully acted as a guarantee for the European-Atlantic stability and security.
Nearly thirty years after the Cold War era commission's report titled "A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform," educators and historians must evaluate its relevance and its contribution to the shifting educational paradigm in the United States.
JUST when we didn't need it, our "special relationship" buddies from over the pond are set to embroil us in a new Cold War era.
Your comments in Defense Watch (July 2011, p, 6) on the lost decade of procurement echo a tired set of complaints about the difficult business of weapons acquisition in the post Cold War era, [t is not the failure to plan and manage that gives us problems, but rather the belief in planning and in the layering of acquisition management that does.
Following an employment tribunal, he is allowed back to work, only to learn that his former colleague from his days in Cold War era Berlin has been murdered.
Perhaps reflecting the Cold War era of November 1982 when this picture was taken.
AN underground bunker from the Cold War era is up for sale and could be turned into a holiday home.
As Tory members gathered in Birmingham for the party conference, Mr Osborne said the previous government spent billions of pounds on weapons only suitable for the Cold War era.
Coming in from the Cold' offers pupils the opportunity to experience at first hand some of the events of the Cold War era in a series of workshops.
Communism was an antithetical and inhibiting environment for scientific thought as evidenced by many innovative thinkers seeking to 'go over the wall' and escape to the west during the decades of the Cold War era.
Eisenhower as president and world leader, and introduces effective strategies for teaching the Cold War era in the classroom.