transfusion reaction

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reaction of the body to a transfusion of blood that is not compatible with its own blood

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Is it reasonable--is it just--to expect her to ask herself, in cold blood, What (morally and intellectually) is all this worth?
If the latter interpretation were the true one, he had just read the narrative of the contemplated murder of his brother, planned in cold blood by a woman who was at that moment inhabiting the same house with him.
Then either in cold blood or in the course of a struggle--Douglas may have gripped the hammer that was found upon the mat--he shot Douglas in this horrible way.
He was so chilling as twisted murderer Brian Wicklow in the 2005 pilot of Cold Blood that he's back for another 90-minute film, Cold Blood II (ITV1, Monday).
The evidence will show that the defendants killed them in cold blood, with cold-blooded deliberation,'' Susan DeWitt, a prosecutor for the U.
The soundtrack CD for the compelling film includes about an hour of Truman Capote, reading aloud from In Cold Blood.
When Fist shoots the men in cold blood and tosses them into the pit they have dug to uncover the treasure, Daniel takes action, shooting Fist and removing the treasure to a new spot.
The ex-Stars In Their Eyes host, 53, will appear in ITV1's Cold Blood, to be shown next year, alongside Jemma Redgrave.
Years later, after some detective work by relatives and former Green Howards Sergeant Ben Gunn, from Guisborough, it was discovered Jackson, three other prisoners and their German guard were gunned down in the street in cold blood by an SS officer who pulled up alongside them in a vehicle.
In 1981, Cook (aka Abu-Jamal) murdered Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood, shooting him first in the back and then in the face, at point-blank range.
The end result is a classic piece of American literature, "In Cold Blood," which revealed America's violent heart and signaled the ultimate destruction of a literary genius.
As he did in the first Cold Blood story, back in 2005, Kelly, as the creepy and manipulative Brian Wicklow, stole the show.
It's strange that a kids' movie ostensibly about a beagle would bring to mind a stone-cold killer, but the one constant in the trilogy of ``Shiloh'' films made from prolific children's author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's books has been the solid presence of Scott Wilson, who played one of the convicted Clutter murderers (along with Robert Blake) in Richard Brooks' 1967 classic ``In Cold Blood.
Unquestionably one of the best movies of the year, Capote details the signal triumph of Capote's long career--the reporting and writing of In Cold Blood, a remarkable best seller about a multiple homicide in Middle America and the men who committed it.
There is no denying the epic cinematic sweep of In Cold Blood, but all the gloss can't disguise the flaws in the gameplay.