Colchicum autumnale

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bulbous autumn-flowering herb with white, purple or lavender-and-white flowers

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The delightful, if rather transitory, Colchicum autumnale, autumn crocus, has a list of medicinal uses for its corms and seeds that will rival any modern antibiotic but, be warned - even when you plant the corms in midsummer they may cause an allergic reaction with some people's skin - wear gloves when handling the corms
Bulbs should be planted four to six inches deep, and if you have a shady position then Colchicum autumnale and its cultivars are most suitable.
Expert tip: If you want to create a drift of colour without buying too many plants, Colchicum Autumnale is ideal as it increases quickly.
Autumn crocus, meadow saffron and naked ladies are all common names for the same species, our native Colchicum autumnale which is not a crocus at all but belongs in the lily family.
Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) n Colchicum autumnale (autumn crocus, meadow saffron) Conium maculatum (hemlock) n Daphne mezereum (mezereon) Datura stamonium (Jimsonweed) Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) Laburnum Oenanthe crocata (hemlock water dropwort