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Colchicums thrive in deep, fertile and well-drained soil but not too dry, in a warm, sunny site.
Make cheques and postal orders payable to: The People Colchicum Offer MGN 428, with name and address in capitals on the back.
Elsewhere in the garden a swathe of collapsed aconitums was hiding the sudden annual appearance of a group of colchicum flowers.
The foliage of evergreen epimedium x versicolor, or its lovely twin hybrids sulphureum and neosulphureum, provide a vivid green backdrop to the flowers of any of the stronger colchicum speciosum forms.
Some top autumn flowerers are Crinum macowanii, Scilla scilloides, Cyclamen hederifolium, Amaryllis belladonna, Leucojum autumnalei, Colchicum and Nerine.
There's a smashing double named 'Waterlily', a whopper called 'The Giant', and a stunning white called Colchicum speciosum 'Alba'.
Colchicum bulbs are available in the shops now and produce stocky flowers in shades of pink in late September and October.
The common snowdrop, Galanthus, and Colchicum, Hyacinths and Ornithogalum all have toxins in their bulbs, while sea squill bulbs are used in rat poison.
The mauvy-pink Colchicum autumnal is one we have here in quantity, under an oak tree.
The best autumn variety is Crocus speciosus Conqueror, which resembles a Colchicum in the way the petals fly skyward.
Plant Colchicum corms in bare soil in between shrubs to add a splash of colour in autumn.
Colchicum are known for their ability to thrive in shade and are good planted with woodlanders such as Anemone nemorosa.
Atropa belladonna (deadly nightshade) n Colchicum autumnale (autumn crocus, meadow saffron) Conium maculatum (hemlock) n Daphne mezereum (mezereon) Datura stamonium (Jimsonweed) Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) Laburnum Oenanthe crocata (hemlock water dropwort
10 Plant autumn- flowering crocus and colchicum bulbs as soon as possible.