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an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer

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Guests were also invited to a "be a kid" fantasy area, where they indulged in treats of caramel apples, caramel popcorn, petite corndogs, sliders, fries, Coke floats, Orange Julius drinks, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and a photo booth.
Coke floats, fish-finger sarnies and rice crispy cakes will transport older readers back to the days when Grange Hill was a must-see.
In 1990, McDonald's tested a Golden Arch Cafe, with old-fashioned Coke floats and other non-traditional fast-food fare, but the idea never took off.
Coke floats and specially-designed buggies will travel up and down the country to beaches, festivals and shopping malls distributing the fizzy drink.
With its revolving stools, coke floats and ice creams with Italian names, this was glamour of a sort a little ginger boy from Denton Burn could only dream of.
The 1950s evoked the drive-in craze with mini burgers, French fries, and mini Coke floats, while the 1960s echoed the nation's introduction to world cuisine.
LEECE STREET There'll be plenty of American treats on offer, from PBJ sandwiches and hot dogs to nachos and coke floats, as well as live music.