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Synonyms for coincidence

Synonyms for coincidence

an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

the quality of occupying the same position or area in space

the temporal property of two things happening at the same time

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Bernard Beitman is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences.
If so, how then do we explain the obvious undeniable occurrence of coincidences which seemingly do not have a cause?
When Lillikas with the clean hands was asked at the time about all these coincidences he responded that the questions should have been directed at his wife, who would give the relevant explanations.
I enjoy coincidences and unusual numeric combinations, such as 3/14/15 at 9:26:54 a.
The aim of this article is to prove a stochastic analog of the Hussain and Alotaibi [8] coupled coincidences for multi- valued contractions in partially ordered metric spaces for a pair of random operators g: X X and a multi- valued random operator T : X CL( X )
To name these 'co-incidences' is correct since these are the events which coincide in time and space; but calling these as just coincidences or mere co-incidences is not justified.
Goran Adamovski, provoked by the several break-ins in the house of leader of party United for Macedonia Ljube Boskoski, comments for Utrinski vesnik that there are many coincidences in these break-ins.
He said: "The prosecution say you would need to believe too many coincidences to think anyone other than Mr Pope killed Karen Skipper.
The activities, suggested by local groups, will create discreet coincidences within Picton's daily routine.
What Are Mathematical Coincidences (and Why Does It Matter)?
The wording and phrasing of the presidents' coincidences is dubious to say the least and has been manipulated to suit the purpose.
THE RUCHIKA molestation case is riddled with baffling coincidences.
Small Miracles of the Holocaust: Extraordinary Coincidences of Faith, Hope and Survival adds to the 'Small Miracle' series and offers a fine collection of some fifty Holocaust and post-Holocaust coincidences that led to survival and remarkable circumstances.
The Brazilian said: "I honestly don't believe in coincidences in life.
The strange coincidences prompted Peruvians to make Biblical comparisons.