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German botanist who is generally recognized as founding bacteriology when he recognized bacteria as plants

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We believe Cohn & Wolfe will provide us the required impetus to build on our success, stay relevant to our people's aspirations and become a global partner to our clients with a full service offering.
Cohn is professor emerita of German and Comparative Literature at Harvard University and the author of Transparent Minds: Narrative Modes for Presenting Consciousness in Fiction (1978).
Cohn acknowledges a debt to the great musician and lexicographer Nicholas Slonimsky, and he writes in much the same irreverent spirit as his mentor.
Cohn does embody this knowledge on stage more intensely than the other characters, most of whom share no scenes with him.
When I visited Gabriel in the hospital and saw him on breathing tubes, something clicked inside me and I knew we had to help, and not just from a legal standpoint," said Jason Cohn, a founding member of Cohn & Swartzon.
Cohn says the Fund's per--project caps are too small for the full--blown feature he and his partners wanted to shoot.
Rodrigue accepted our request to develop this new symbol for our global agency," said Cohn & Wolfe Read-Poland President Paul Walker.
He is a proven leader who understands the Cohn & Wolfe culture, and who brings deep brand marketing expertise and decades of experience counseling clients on complex business challenges," said Imperato.
Cohn believes that the best is still ahead for her company.
He thought Helen's name didn't fit her sparkling personality and called her "Bobbie Nudie," even though her legal name remained Helen Cohn.
Cohn filed a lawsuit, and the Globe changed its column to Miss Conduct.
Before planting, such seeds are merely what Cohn calls quiescent.
Cohn, in his response to the complaint, said Falwell "is trying to shut down a noncommercial Internet site that makes fun of him for blaming the Sept.
Using evidence from the Florentine archives (especially tax and criminal records) Cohn joins the debate on the transition from the medieval to the modern state and argues that peasant revolts "stimulated" state development.
To present and defend this conundrum the historical sociologist Samuel Cohn has produced a creative and thought-provoking analysis of the outcomes of coal miners' strikes in France between 1890 and 1935.