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the field of science concerned with cognition

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These judgments are complex enough that many believe that substantial cognitive reasoning is required--we need our brains to tell us what our eyes have seen.
The software's benefits may go beyond students with autism to possibly help students with cognitive reasoning or other learning disabilities, and even ELL students.
The flowers promote among patients and residents a sense of well-being, improved cognitive reasoning, enhanced manual dexterity and companionship.
The All Pro New York Jets veteran said, "It is our belief that if given an atmosphere that encourages stability, content quality of life and self development, students are better able to strengthen cognitive reasoning skills, explore positive life-alternatives and better problem solve in the future.
Thunder's doctor took Tabua through two hours of the usual cognitive reasoning tests yesterday, but the popular squad member was ruled out as a result.
So if they're given that much credit, they must have some appreciable level of cognitive reasoning.
HOUSTON -- Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) today announces a ground-breaking video-surveillance technology called Behavioral Analytics[TM], which leverages cognitive reasoning, and processes visual data on a level similar to the human brain.
Grounded in a more than a century of science and backed by the largest and most complete pool of research in the industry, the Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values, and cognitive reasoning ability.
Concussion cohorts Tim Swinson and Phil Dowson face the mandatory cognitive reasoning tests this week to prove their fitness to return to action, while blood brothers Ed Williamson and Andy Long will patch themselves up any way they can.
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